Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge Mission Statement

Having the distinction of being Alaska’s most remote full-service fishing lodge can likely mean that we’re one of the most remote full-service fishing lodges in world. Our mission is to share and excite one’s spirit with the wonder and beauty of this vast wilderness with all who come here, whether it be guests or staff members. We will always strive to provide a positive life changing experience that encompasses a harmonious blend between the creature comforts of society and our beloved mother-nature.

The Anvik River is rich in historical value in the Athabascan culture. In the 1800’s it was used an overland trade route by Russian arctic explores between the middle Yukon and Russian sea ports in St. Michael, Alaska. The village of Anvik has a modern-day population of about 80 residents. There’s a small museum here that our guests are welcome to visit. The oldest Episcopal Church in the state of Alaska was built in Anvik during the late 1800’s. Almost 75 miles upriver is the property that the Anvik River Lodge is on. This was once a private homestead from the early 70’s and still has a few original structures that were built by the first homesteaders here.

After already spending almost 20 years in bush Alaska, we had the incredible opportunity to become partners in Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge back in early 1996. Ten years later we were able to purchase the lodge and became sole owners. When making the decision to take the giant step to become lodge owners and give up the security of our steady jobs – the key factor was “what a great way to raise our children”. Our daughter Alyson and son Blair, who were 7 yrs. & 5 yrs. old when we started, have been by our side since the beginning. And now for us, after having spent over 40 years in Western Alaska we truly appreciate the untouched beauty & wonder of the vast wilderness found here.

CLIFF has fished & hunted in Alaska since the mid 1970’s and is an accomplished fisherman and big game guide. Although he leaves most of the fish guiding up to our son and the rest of our fantastic guide staff, he is more than happy to give pointers to novice anglers. He’s a gentle soul that is extremely capable of dealing with any hurdles that come his way while running such a remote business. The bulk of Cliff’s time is spent making constant improvements to this already fantastic place. And after living in bush Alaska for over four decades along with his other worldly adventures, he’s got some unbelievable stories to share.

CHERYL doesn’t get out on the river as much as she’d like to because she’s busy at the lodge making sure every creature comfort is attended to. Her love of cooking is apparent in every meal. She and the house staff provide down home cooking with a touch of what she refers to as “wilderness gourmet”. Having catered banquets of up to 400 people in the past, Cheryl prefers the cozy atmosphere she’s created at the Anvik River Lodge. Her favorite time of the day is when she can sit down at dinner with the guests and listen to their stories and share her tales of life in the bush.

BLAIR at the age of 31 already has over 13 years of fishing & hunting guide experience under his belt and loves to tell stories of growing up here. He and one of our long-time guides Nick are partnering together to take over the family business in the next couple of years. He is looking forward to continuing the legacy of this unique and special place that has been a part of his entire life. As he steps forward into the managerial and ownership role, we happily cheer him on.

ALYSON spent many summers as mom’s right hand at the lodge. Being 33 years old now, she and her young son Jackson live in Anchorage. Alyson is still able to work on-site at the lodge at times during the season and is also more than willing to pitch in with the expediting chores as needed when in the city. Whether it be picking up a 500# meat order or an “O” ring for the generator, Aly understands from her years of experience out here the importance of getting supplies shipped asap. And of course, little Jackson is a natural with a fishing rod already at the age of two!

Along with our fantastic staff of hard working kind & competent young folks, we invite you to come experience an adventure in true wilderness & true comfort at Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge.


The Hickson family has always felt extremely blessed to be able to live and work in this amazing wilderness paradise. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to be able to donate trips and goods to several organizations that we believe have a good mission. We’d like to encourage you to help us support these businesses as well

  • International Game Fish Association
  • March of Dimes
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • American Heart Association
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Novick Cardiac Alliance
  • Adaptive Sports Center
  • Bear Bryant Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Anvik Tribal
  • Shriners
  • Lions Club
  • Fraternal Order of AK. State Troopers
  • The Drug Education Press of Alaska
  • Anvik Historical Society
  • Special Olympics
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • American Cancer Society
  • STAR of Alaska
  • The Iditarod Race
  • Wish for Our Heros