Second week at Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge!

Another terrific week! The sun has been shining like there is no tomorrow and we have definitely been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. Many of the guides claim they are going to begin guiding in shorts. The Chum salmon were on fire this week and the Pink Salmon are beginning to show up by the drove. The hordes of Grayling roaming the river are still making their presence known by biting at anything that lands near them. This week most everyone received a Grand Slam and we even added some members to our new Century Club. The Century club hat is won when a person catches over 100 fish in a day. The bears are starting to show up by seem to be fairly nocturnal due to the heat in the middle of the day. One day this past week a group of guests went to eat lunch at the Swift river after climbing Mount Egypt but were barred from coming ashore due to the curiosity of a bear looking for salmon. He stood on the shore watching them fish and posed for multiple photographs. It even appeared he was quite interested in how it was we caught over 30 salmon in an hour and he was not having the same luck. Another awesome experience from the past week was when long time guest and friend Bruce K not only managed to join the century club but also simultaneously secured a grand slam on the same cast securing a wonderful Arctic Char. To sum it up, terrific people, terrific fishing, just a total adventure!