The third and fourth weeks of adventure!

The past couple of weeks up here at Alaska’s  Anvik River Lodge have been full of fun and adventure. The weather has been diverse to say the least. One day it was so hot out guides preferred sun screen to mosquito repellent and guided without waders. The very next day it didn’t seem like you could wear enough layers to stay warm. The fishing has been phenomenal. One of our returning guests caught a Chum Salmon that had swam so fast from the ocean it retained a good portion of its ocean run chrome color. The bears are coming out in larger and larger numbers everyday it seems. We had a sow and two cubs setup shop over by the fishing cleaning station here at the lodge but after a tussle with Kobuk and a few warning shots from the staff it appears the bears moved onto a better foraging area. The Pink Salmon are also in in huge numbers. Some parts along the river it almost appears the entire river bottom is moving due to the massive schools of these interesting looking good fighting salmon. Although most all the news coming from the Anvik River has been wonderful this year we did get one bit of unfortunate news from Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game.

After weeks of being on edge as to whether or not we would be able to fish for King Salmon, at the very least in a catch and release environment, we were informed that they will not be opening fishing for King Salmon on the Anvik River for the 2014 season. This was certainly not the news we were hoping to hear but unfortunately these things are beyond our control. We are just hoping that this year’s halt on fishing for these fish will return to us stronger runs in the future.

From all of us up here on the Anvik take care and stay tuned in for more updates!