Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge covered in snow – BEAUTIFUL!

Or so the song says. It’s not quite -40 degrees at the lodge, but it is pretty chilly. Cliff, Blair, Nick & JD just ventured out to do the spring re-con mission and report that it was -15 degrees, but warming to a balmy 0 this afternoon. The really great news is, there is no damage from the cruel winter weather or the animals. Many of you will remember last years surprise of the sow and cub breaking in and camping out over the winter! But with our outstanding crew we were able to get everything ship shape before we opened up for the season.  Luckily this year the guys report that all is well and things look great out at the lodge.  They’ll be out there for a couple weeks getting firewood and timber put up for the season, then it’ll be back to Anchorage to start getting supplies packed up and shipped.  Stay tuned for the progress as we’re getting geared up for our 22nd season. WE CAN”T WAIT!!