Another great couple of weeks on the Anvik River

Beautiful day on the Anvik River in the wilds of Western Alaska

We’ve had a number of return guests so far this year including Lou from New York who made what we think is about his 20th trip to this remote paradise we call the Anvik River Lodge.  One of our favorite sayings here is “You’ll come as a guest and return as family” and that is so true.  So many of our return guests say they feel like they’re coming home once they step on the dock here at the lodge.

Anvik River chum salmon are so plentiful and ton of fun to catch – great job Michael. Is that chum salmon trying to eat your cousin Luke?

The Anvik River Lodge is a great place to come with your family or with a corporate group as several of our guests have discovered.  We’ve had some wonderful families up here so far this season.  Many mom’s and dad’s that are joined by their teenage children, several father/son or grandfather/father/grandson combinations.  We just said goodbye to a 15 person corporate group that was a mixture of novice fishermen to much more serious hard core fishermen.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and they’re already planning their return trips.

There’s plenty to keep folks of all ages happy – even beyond the fishing.  Several horse shoe & corn-hole competitions have been held in the evenings after dinner.  The always fun “Third Night Trivia Night” continues to be a favorite.  Our authentic steam lodge and the nightly bonfires that we refer to as “the circle of wisdom” are a hit as well.  This season we just set up a trap shooting range and many of our guests have had a great time with this add-on.

A little cousin competition between Luke & Michael – nice Anvik River sockeye salmon Luke!


WEATHER–  The Anvik River drainage has definitely been dryer than usual this summer – be we finally have been getting rain off and on this past 5 days or so.  Yesterday we had quite a downpour, but for the most part just partial rain and high clouds during the day and showers at night.  Enough to raise the water level a bit and lower the water temperature, but not enough to dampen anyone’s spirits when it comes to enjoy themselves.

This sow grizzly and her cub wandering the shores of the Anvik River gathering chum salmon for their dinner.



FISHING REPORT – The bite is certainly on at Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge this summer.  With close to half a million summer & fall chum salmon so far and more coming up the river every day and a better than average Yukon king salmon run and an increase sockeye salmon population anglers have been having a blast so far this season.  We’re just finishing up the week with our 6th group of guests and there are smiles on everyone’s faces.  Beside the salmon fishing which is always a blast, the resident grayling are really nice sized this year. There have been some dandy sized pike caught recently too.  The arctic char & dollies are busy chowing down on salmon eggs from the spawning chum salmon and are a little tougher to catch this past week or so.  The ones that have taken the fly or spoon are beautiful as they start showing off their fall spawning colors.  I always say they look like they’re ready for date night with their pink & red polka-dot “dresses” and flaming red & orange “lipstick”.

Good times on the Anvik River catching king salmon.

GRAND-SLAM & CENTURY CLUB – Since our last blog post we’ve added 22 men & 5 women to the Anvik River Lodge Grand Slam Club roles and 2 more men a grandfather/grandson team added to the Anvik River Lodge Century Club – word on the street has it that they each got their 100 fish before lunch that day!  Making our total for the 2017 season 3 Century Club inductees and 49 Grand Slam Club members.  Keep up the good work folks.

Until next week stay tuned and tight lines!

A beautiful Anvik River Northern Pike to count toward Bob’s Century Club total.
Anvik River Lodge’s newest Century Club inductee. 100 fish in one day!  Congratulations Bill.
Xavier with another Anvik River Chum Salmon to go toward his 100 fish day earning him a Century Club hat.